Dental Care During Pregnancy

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DID YOU KNOW THAT TAKING ESPECIALLY GOOD CARE OF YOUR TEETH IS VITAL during pregnancy? Not only are there links between gum disease and premature births, but pregnant women often have oral health issues of their own during those crucial nine months.

Women typically experience more issues with gingivitis and gum problems when they are pregnant because of the radical hormone changes which make the reaction of your gums (and the potential for gingivitis) more severe. In addition, gums can be more easily irritated, causing inflammation and/or bleeding.

However…don’t forget that although hormones increase the potential for problems and affect the outcome, plaque is still the underlying cause of most gingivitis problems. That means maintaining careful oral care can significantly reduce your chances of having dental issues—and constant attention better ensures a healthy mouth during your pregnancy.

So, what can you best do to protect your oral health AND your baby’s overall health during pregnancy? First things firstmake sure you are eating healthy! Foods with a high sugar content can cause plaque and gingivitis for anybody, but the effects are usually exaggerated during pregnancy.

Because of this, gum problems are accelerated during pregnancy, making it even more important to keep your scheduled dental checkups to be sure problems don’t arise. Take especially good care of yourself during your fourth-sixth months of pregnancy. This window is an important time in the baby’s development—and dded stress during the last trimester can make it more difficult to receive the dental care you require, so get your dental appointments done BEFORE then.

Stay healthy during your pregnancy to help ensure that your baby will be healthy too. Let us know if you have any concerns about your health during any part of your pregnancy. If you’d like to schedule a check-up and let us know that you’re pregnant so we can best assist you. We promise that you and your baby’s health will be in the best hands.

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