Feed Your Complexion, Feed Your Smile

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Foods that promote a healthy mouth also fight wrinkles, so you can eat your way to a winning smile and beautiful skin.

Berries & Citrus Fruits

Smile: Vitamin C contributes to healthy gum tissue.

Complexion: Antioxidants protect skin from free radical damage.

Edamame (e-da-ma-may or baby soybeans)

Smile: High calcium content builds strong teeth.

Complexion: Amino acids build cells and repair tissue.

Lean Protein

Smile: Amino acids help gums heal faster

Complexion: Protein speeds the regeneration of skin cells and collagen

Orange Produce (Including carrots, yams, and pumpkins)

Smile: Vitamin A increases resistance to mouth infections.

Complexion: Beta-carotene and antioxidants rebuild skin cells

Green Leafy Vegetables (Including spinach, beet tops, and broccoli)

Smile: Calcium strengthens teeth.

Complexion: Antioxidants counter the ill-effects of free radicals.

Another healthy food overall is Olive Oil. Olive Oil, a key component of a Mediterranean-style diet, has provided health benefits for millennia. Mono-unsaturated fat gives olive oil antioxidant properties, lowering risk of colon cancer, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes.

Because ingesting olive oil enriches skin and soft tissues, and is an anti-inflammatory, it also helps in treating gum disease which, due to the correlation between oral and whole-body healthy, improves your overall well-being.

Extra virgin olive oil is highest in antioxidants because it’s less processed. And because of its flavor processing method and beneficial properties, it is the only variety of vegetable oil that nutritionist suggest be ingested as is (without being cooked). Only two tablespoons per day will help you look after your whole health while we take care of your oral health.

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