Healthy Smile Club

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We have started a new program for our youngest patients at Lilly Family Dentistry.  We call it the Healthy Smile Club!

How It Works:
When your child comes in for their check up and is cavity free, they will become part of the club.  They will still get their takehome toothbrush packet, get to pick a prize out of our prize station, and get their name entered to win our monthly stuffed animal giveaway, as well as the special bonus’  for Healthy Smile Club members only, they get their picture taken and posted in our lobby, and they will get their name put into another drawing that will be given away monthly for a $30 Chuck E. Cheese gift card!!!

We hope these extra incentives will help your children take pride in their smile, and our wish is that it encourages them to floss daily and brush twice a day for a Healthy Smile:)

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