3 Ways To Age Your Smile

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Learn the secret to keeping it youthful

In 1900, the average life expectancy was only about 49 and few people anticipated keeping their teeth that long. Today, many mature adults have maintained their teeth, yet have developed potentially serious problems with the gingivae (gums) that surround them. This is very important, because when gums are damaged, the gates are literally opened to a host of problems.


Receding gums. When bacteria is allowed to build up in the mouth and left untreated, damaged gums become progressively more inflamed. Initially the infection can be painless with no visible signs or symptoms that you would notice during routine home care. Gum disease is the top cause of tooth loss in adults has been linked to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, hearing loss, and cancers.


Root cavities. Some natural gum recession occurs as you age, but too-vigorous brushing can dramatically speed up the process and expose the roots of your teeth. This is unattractive, but more importantly it can expose your roots to bacteria and cavities. Experts suggest that those taking anti-hypertensive, antidepressants, and analgesics are already at an increased risk of caries (cavities).


Tooth sensitivity. Receding gums and exposed roots can be painful and eventually, if over-brushing continues, the entire tooth enamel will be affected.

Although we can provide solutions like bonding, veneers, and desensitizers to restore function and appearance, we prefer prevention. Regular examinations and learning proper home care will keep both your gums and teeth healthy.