65+ Year-Old Smiles Require Special Care

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BACK IN THE “OLD” DAYS, PROPER DENTAL CARE WAS A LUXURY. Chances were that one could never keep his or her natural teeth healthy and functional for an entire lifetime. But thankfully that’s all changed. With remarkable skill sets of talented dentists like Drs. Jane and Kevin Lilly, combined with the experience of their team and today’s amazing technologies, the likelihood that people like us will keep our teeth for life greatly increases. It’s remarkable!

To assist our patients in being more comfortable with dental services decision making, we’ve set up a simple little framework below. This is the fourth post in a four-part series. We want you to have the best information when you prioritize your dental care decisions.

Over the last four weeks, you’ve noticed that we’ve divided “The Lifetime of A Smile” into 4 phases:

  • 1–20 Year Old Smiles
  • 20–40 Year Old Smiles
  • 40–65 Year Old Smiles
  • 65+ Year Old Smiles

Here are some Must do’s, Should do’s, & Could do’s for each phase.

During each day we prioritize our decision making by “must do’s,” “should do’s,” and “could do’s.” The goal here is to make sure you see the difference between the “musts,” the “shoulds,” and the “coulds.”

The list you see below is NOT exhaustive—there are no right or wrong answers to what YOU do. We all have different priorities. These posts are starting points for decision making! And if you have questions, please contact us and we’ll chat.


This Post Is About 65+ Year-Old Smiles

YOUR SMILE MAY BE OLDER, BUT IT CAN STILL BE AMAZING! Most people don’t know that generally speaking, losing one’s teeth during the golden years has little to do with getting old and a lot to do with gum disease. Gum disease may also be linked to diabetes, cancer, and heart problems.

Some Must Do’s

  • As you get older, receding gums can expose roots to decay and cavities. The preventative answer? Don’t ever postpone regular professional visits with Dr. Jane or Dr. Kevin.
  • Some of the dental work in your mouth may be decades old, increasing the risk of decay setting in around old fillings and crowns. See Drs. Lilly to be sure you aren’t at risk.

Some Should Do’s

  • Today’s implants are gorgeous. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth! If you’re missing teeth, advanced restorative implants may be the solution. Talk to us here at Lilly Family Dentistry!
  • Boost self confidence! A recent study indicates that nearly 90% of dental implant patients who previously wore dentures say confidence is up, and, the procedure was worth repeating.

Some Could Do’s

  • When it comes to cosmetic, restorative dentistry, there’s very little discomfort and it isn’t complicated. More “seasoned” citizens are keeping their teeth AND beautifying their smiles with cosmetic veneers. And you can too. Talk with us. We can help you.

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