Diabetes and Oral Health

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By Jackie Marrinan

98% of DIABETICS have Periodontal Disease (gum disease)

People with DIABETES are at greater risk for developing infections

Periodontal Disease (chronic infection) can impair DIABETES control

Management of Periodontitis can result in significant reduction in A1C

Case studies show where A1C levels were reduced 1-2% by nonsurgical periodontal therapy using sub-microbial dosage of doxycycline

Reducing A1C at 1% can reduce the risk of all DIABETES-related deaths by 25% as well as significantly reducing other DIABETIC complications like nerve damage, vision loss, vascular disease and kidney disease

1% reduction of A1C could be the difference between DIABETES, PRE-DIABETES or a HEALTHY diagnosis

Like Periodontal Disease, the best way to treat DIABETES is to prevent it!

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